greek access point

Greek Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)

Greek Access Point

Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) intends to improve the cross-border communication between the social security institutions of EU Member States and European Economic Area (EEA) countries participating to the CEF programme by introducing an electronic communication Core platform for efficient exchange of information.

Within this context, the main objective of the Action is to facilitate the national implementation of the Greek EESSI Access Point (AP) which will be hosted by a public sector agency – Greek e-Government Centre for Social Security S.A. (IDIKA). Consequently, this will facilitate the connection to the central EESSI Core platform and will allow for transition from paper to electronic exchanges of information.

To deliver on the objective of the Action, the following activities are carried out:
– procurement and installation of appropriate hardware and software infrastructure;
– procurement, installation and configuration of security infrastructure;
– provision of interfaces that would facilitate the interconnection of the information systems of the Greek social security institutions with the AP;
– training for administrators and end-users;
– dissemination actions for the promotion of the Greek EESSI project.



Secure handling of personal data:

  • EESSI will introduce the use of a common secure infrastructure for cross-border data exchange between social security institutions.
  • It will enable message exchange between national institutions, but the system will not create a database to store such messages and personal data centrally. The content of the messages will only be available to the relevant institutions, and Member States will remain responsible to ensure a high standard of data protection, in line with EU rules. 
  • EESSI will follow the latest standards in IT security.

How does EESSI work?

All communication between national institutions on cross-border social security files will take place through EESSI: social security institutions will exchange structured electronic documents and follow commonly agreed procedures. These documents will be routed through EESSI to the correct destination in another Member State.
Staff in social security institutions will be able to find the correct destination in another EU country using a repository of national institutions.


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